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“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind and the healing of the soul! “

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Consequently, after years of torture and fear, prayer, fasting, and worship; I Changed My Mind about whether or not I could change his!

I know it’s a little troubling to consider that as the victim, I also had a desire to control!  Therefore, in order to have my needs met, I thought that I could use my femininity in order to reach my goals.  Sadly, it didn’t work, and the physical, emotional, financial, sexual, verbal and spiritual abuse worsened, until I left my husband, and filed for divorce.

Fortunately, immediately thereafter, God, called me into ministry.

                reetings, and thank you for moving toward                                making a positive change in your life! 


On this site, we vow to encourage, enlighten, and educate our viewers.  Often, as women, we look for ways to provide and maintain safe and healthy relationships. However, sometimes that desire is met with resistance from our chosen partners.  Therefore, as a thriver myself, of domestic violence, I have decided to be “Silenced No More!”  I will no longer keep secrets due to shame, and fear.  Instead, I will share how and why I decided to divorce my husband in order to live my life free from the pain and trauma that permeates from domestic violence!


Twenty-one years ago, I married a man, who I loved and I thought loved me.  Unfortunately, what I learned was that neither of us really knew what love was. 

Not from a biblical sense, nor a secular sense.  Instead we made up our own rules as we journeyed along, hoping to have our needs met by the other.  However, as one could imagine, someone was always left feeling unfulfilled by the other, and when those feeling would arise in my husband, he decided he would use power, and control to whip me into conforming to his ways, his desires and his traditional beliefs, and practices.


My first course of study was to develop a ministry for the church and community at large. 

This became my new focus, as well as the catalyst which has led me toward the transformation of my mind and the healing of my soul.  Next, I enrolled in counseling in order to build my self- esteem, and heal from the trauma endured. Gratefully, my healing had begun, and my knowledge of intimate partner violence was being expanded. 


Diligently, I dedicated the next 10 years to researching the topic of domestic violence, and how to promote awareness for church and civic leaders in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Through this research I learned that the violence which begins in the home, ventures out into our communities.  Therefore, in order to stop the violence in our neighborhoods, we must begin the healing process of change within the confines of our homes. 


Join me. We have so much to share.

So, I invite each of you to journey with me as we model for each other the beauty of transformation that is made evident through the sharing of our testimonials.  Together, lets decide to be “Silenced No More”!

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Dr. Helena Fontes, CEO 

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