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COPING BY COLORING - NewView Institute’s Adult Coloring Book

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind and the healing of the soul! “

Coping by Coloring Top.png


          art of why individuals remain in intimate partner

          relationships is because of: fear, familiarity, a sense of powerlessness.  Due to brainwashing, individuals have been made to believe that their life is in danger, and that leaving could leave to their demise or the death of their family members or friends.  In addition, individuals stay because the relationship is familiar to them, either due to what was witnessedas a child, or because they have surrender to their abuser.  Another reason is that the individual feels powerless;


they don’t believe that they can change their circumstance.

We invite you to use this coloring practice to create something pleasant, and beautiful!  Something that gives you a sense of control, as you decide which number you will color, and as you decide which colors you will use, and as you utilize your creativity to do something that brings you peace!

Download the images below and begin the coping process!

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